Seamedu's Music Production Week 2024

For the past nine years, Seamedu has proudly organized Music Production Week, and this year we celebrate the landmark 10th edition. The event's primary goal is to educate students and attendees about the ever-evolving world of sound and music, employing state-of-the-art technology and invaluable real-world insights. Over the course of three days, esteemed industry experts will share their vision and expertise with participants.

As an Ableton Certified Training Center, we are thrilled to enhance this year's event with the support of Ableton, Arturia, Moog, and The Inventory. Our workshops will focus on introducing participants to the exciting new features in Ableton Live 12, the impressive capabilities of Ableton Push 3, and the creative possibilities offered by Arturia and Moog Synthesizers. By doing so, we aim to inspire and empower attendees to explore the vast world of music production.

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Artist Lineup 2024

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Pune - Ableton Certified Trainers
11/03/2024 Akrti Day 1
12/03/2024 Ashrith Baburao Day 2
13/03/2024 Krishnamurthy Ramesh Day 3
Seminar Hall, SOE, Ajeenkya DY Patil University Campus, Pune
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Bangalore - Ableton Certified Trainers
11/03/2024 Krishnamurthy Ramesh Day 1
12/03/2024 Aryaman Agarwal Day 2
13/03/2024 Vivek Panchamatia Day 3
AV Hall, CMR University Campus, Bangalore
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Delhi / Gurugram - Ableton Certified Trainers
12/03/2024 Puneesh Suri Day 1
13/03/2024 Satyam Sangwan Day 2
Smart Classroom, First Floor, Main Block, The NorthCap University, Sector 23A, Gurugram.
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Ableton: Revolutionizing Music Creation with Cutting-Edge Technology

Ableton has been at the forefront of digital music technology, focusing on democratizing music-making through their popular software (Ableton Live) and hardware (Ableton Push) applications. Over the years, Ableton has made significant strides in designing and developing innovative tools to streamline the music creation process, bridging the gap between production and performance.

Ableton Live is a versatile digital audio workstation that empowers musicians to craft intricate and captivating musical expressions. With an array of powerful tools for sound creation and manipulation, along with intuitive workflows, Ableton Live encourages artists to push the boundaries of sonic exploration and refinement. The Ableton Push is a sleek, user-friendly hardware instrument that integrates seamlessly with Ableton Live, providing hands-on control over every facet of the music production and performance workflow.

Music enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the release of Ableton's latest offering, Live 12, which is scheduled for March 5th. This updated version promises to inspire creativity and innovation, driving the music industry forward with its state-of-the-art features and capabilities.

Moog: Pioneering the Sonic Revolution

Moog, an emblematic company founded by Dr. Robert Moog in the 1950s, has been synonymous with innovation and pushing the boundaries of sound exploration. The company's groundbreaking development of the synthesizer fundamentally transformed the musical landscape, influencing genres from the psychedelic vibes of the 1960s to the pulsating beats of today's electronic dance music. Moog continues to lead the charge in the world of synthesis, evolving with the times while staying true to its roots. Their instruments, from the iconic Minimoog to the latest innovations, remain the gold standard for sonic exploration.

Arturia: Forging New Paths in Music Technology

Arturia has solidified its position as a trailblazer in the music technology realm, with a diverse range of hardware synthesizers and vintage emulations. From the iconic MiniBrute to the versatile V Collections, Arturia's products are celebrated for their rich sound, intuitive interfaces, and unparalleled sonic flexibility. Whether you're crafting captivating basslines, atmospheric pads, or powerful leads, Arturia synths provide the tools necessary to bring your musical visions to life.

The Inventory: Connecting India to the Best in Music Technology

As a distributor of the world's leading music technology brands in India, The Inventory provides cutting-edge tools for music production, sound engineering, and live performance. Their team, comprised of experienced DJs, producers, and sound engineers, consistently pushes the boundaries of music technology and electronic music production in India. The Inventory not only supplies world-class products but also offers essential support to customers and dealers, ensuring they can fully experience and maximize the potential of these innovative tools.